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Complex divorces can stay amicable

Couples who have been married for several years have likely spent many years sharing everything. In the event of a divorce, untangling the responsibilities and dividing assets between former spouses can be confusing and stressful. In a complex Texas divorce, a couple may need to characterize assets, accurately value both home and business properties, determine spousal payments, and determine a schedule for any children a couple may have.

In many divorces, especially those that involve high-profile people, media and press may be interested in the story. Details from the divorce can come out and any privacy one might hope for may be compromised. A couple can either react negatively to this or deal with the publicity in a positive way.

Recently, supermodel Heidi Klum and her husband, singer Seal, released a joint statement confirming that they have filed for a legal separation after seven years of marriage. The couple has historically been quite open about their relationship. Similarly, they have been active in addressing their separation in the public. In statements, they have each said that the split, although disappointing, is amicable.

Their break up may likely be similar to other separations. Their lives and families have been intertwined for seven years. Keeping this process as amicable as possible may help the couple as they attempt to divide their shared - and considerable - assets. It is reported that they are each worth several million dollars, and share homes in Mexico and Los Angeles.

Additionally, they may have to determine a parenting plan going forward. Klum and Seal have three children together. Klum also has one child from a previous relationship. Protecting their four children, the couple says, remain their top priority.

Whether or not a divorce is highly publicized, the dissolution of a marriage typically involves a number of complex issues. Working with a legal professional during the divorce process may help a person discover innovative solutions that can protect a person's future.

Source: USA Today, "For Seal and Klum, a red flag of overt affection," Olivia Barker and Donna Freykin, Jan. 23, 2012

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