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Custody arrangements during summer break in Texas

For children, summer means vacation, going to the beach, swimming, more playtime and other fun activities. But what if marital tensions and divorce arrangements are occurring at the same time?

Because deciding on child custody -- or what is known as conservatorship in Texas -- is a large part of the divorce process, chances are it has the chance of upsetting kids just when they deserve and expect to have summer fun. This can mean stress for everyone involved.

Managing conservatorship during the time when the children have more free time from school can be stressful. Despite all this, children can still enjoy summer if both parents help and custody arrangements include activities that children and both parents can enjoy. Co-parents can plan their own trips and take kids to local fairs, amusement parks and other places.

Kids can be encouraged to take arts and crafts workshops and visit the local library. These activities will help them keep their minds off their parents' divorce and focused on something more productive.

During the time kids are with their parents, they can have fun in the kitchen cooking meals together. Such events may seem simple, but they are often treasured by children.

It is up to parents to make sure their children enjoy summer and then eventually learn to cope with the realities of divorce. In the meantime, personal issues, tensions and fights should be limited so that they do not affect the children's chances to have fun.

Conservatorship arrangements determine the parental rights of both parents. Although arguments over matters concerning children may be usual, it would be unfair to not allow the children to enjoy a wonderful summer.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Don't Let Your Kids Divorce the Summer," Lois Tarter, July 3, 2013

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