Facing A Divorce In Texas? Need Help Valuing Your Business Assets?

Business owners, lawyers, medical and other professionals face unique issues in divorces. These self-employed professionals must consider unique issues that may not be applicable in a typical divorce. In the case of a personal service practice, there is nothing to sell or divide, barring few office assets.

It is simply not possible to sell a reputation, so it is important to understand what is and is not divisible/saleable in these types of cases. An experienced Houston business valuation attorney can help.

Skilled And Experienced Legal Assistance With Business Valuations In Texas

At The Haston Law Firm, P.C., we understand the big picture and do not get lost in the details. When it comes to business valuation during divorces, we are able to reach out to highly skilled professionals who can bring an expertise to help work through these cases. These may include highly trained valuation experts, CPAs and other professionals.

Once we obtain this information and interpretation, we will aggressively advocate in favor of your financial well-being.

Common Considerations With Asset Divisions

One of the key considerations to keep in mind is potential “double dipping” by a non-owner spouse. When it comes to calculating income, accounts receivable and salary cannot both be considered. One has to refer to one or the other when looking at calculations and divisions.

Other property division issues include shareholder loans, partnership/shareholder agreements and buy-sell agreements with regard to assets and liabilities. Tax consequences, too, must be considered. All of these issues affect a business’s value, and all must be considered when working through property division.

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