Helping You Prepare For Your Divorce

If you are considering filing for divorce or strongly believe your partner is filing for divorce, it is extremely important to take decisive action by planning accordingly.

Should You Seek Therapy Before Filing For A Texas Divorce?

Prior to filing suit, you need to make sure what divorce is, what you need and want. This means trying as many methods as appropriate to maintain the marital relationship, which may include seeking therapy before divorce. If you have exhausted all avenues, then proper planning with the help of an experienced attorney is critical.

If you are not ready to file suit when you do, the case will become much more difficult than it needs to be. You must be both emotionally and mentally prepared to file suit.

Do You Have Access To Financial Documents?

In addition, you must have as much access to financial information and income as possible. This allows you to gather and do self-help. It goes without saying that this is of immense importance if you are not an income-earning spouse.

In practice, this means you should gather as much information as possible about income and the marital estate through financial document preparation. Knowing that you have as much information as possible is powerful. Failure to obtain the information can create serious uneasiness and paranoia.

If you are married and your spouse has a history of unknown or unscrupulous financial action, with the IRS or other parties, it is even more important to gather the information and save up. This may consist of a nest egg for an initial retainer. A side credit card that a spouse is not aware of can also be of immense help.

Preparing Your Children For Divorce

If you have children, it is absolutely critical to consider the impact it will have on them. If a divorce is truly imminent, children need to be prepared. This can include direct, careful, compassionate and fair communication, or therapy and counseling.

Skilled And Understanding Legal Assistance

At The Haston Law Firm, P.C., we will put our decades of experience to work to help you at all stages of your divorce. If you are in the preparation stages and would like assistance preparing for a divorce in Houston, we can provide insight on how to ideally progress through information gathering. If you are preparing to file or have filed, we can bring our expertise to work in those scenarios, as well.

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