Helping You Revise And Enforce Child Custody And Support Orders

There are times when you need to go back to court after a divorce in order to either modify or enforce a portion of your divorce agreement. At The Haston Law Firm, P.C., we represent clients in modification and enforcement actions in North Houston and neighboring communities.

When Can I Modify A Divorce Order In Texas?

Some of the issues most common in divorce modifications are:

  • Changing primary residential custody from one parent to another
  • Relocation with a child
  • Increasing or decreasing periods of access and child possession. (For example, if your ex doesn’t show regularly up for visits, you can seek modification to reduce access. If you wish to spend more time with your children and your ex prevents you, you can seek a modification to increase access.)
  • Increasing or decreasing child support if there is a change in the obligor’s earnings
  • Decreasing or terminating post-divorce spousal maintenance. (In Texas, spousal maintenance can’t be increased.)

What Is An Enforcement Action?

In Texas, an enforcement action is the process by which you compel your former spouse to comply with a court order. Some of the issues most common in enforcement actions following the divorce process are:

  • Paying child support
  • Maintaining health insurance for children
  • Paying the parent’s share of uninsured medical expenses
  • Failing to provide proof of life insurance to cover child support if obligor dies
  • Failing to transfer assets such as real estate or stock per a community property division order

To be enforceable, an order must be clear, direct and specific. If the order is vague or difficult to implement, then enforcing the order in Texas becomes much more complicated.

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