Maintaining Your Current Lifestyle During A Divorce

During and following a divorce, many people understandably have questions about how the event will affect overall lifestyle. The fact is, most people simply are not going to have the same lifestyle they did prior to the separation. This is namely a logistical consideration — with the same amount of money it is now necessary to add moving expenses, utility bills and other pertinent expenses — there is no longer a monetary consolidation.

Divorce Expenses In North Houston

All that said, it is possible to focus on maintaining to whatever extent possible the lifestyle you once had, knowing it may not match up precisely.

  • For a nonworking spouse: In high net worth divorce cases, the overall goal is to reach an agreement to maintain the status quo as much as possible. This entails convincing the court and opposing counsel that money is still community money and needs to be spent on both parties’ needs; that is, that it is in everyone’s best interest because there will be less anger, bitterness or animosity. Such feelings lead to difficulty in the resolution process in the long term.
  • For a working/monied spouse: In these cases, the goal is to clearly demonstrate that the monied spouse is making support/alimony/maintenance payments in addition to paying certain bills, so there is less of a need/case to be made to further divide monetary assets.

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