Protecting Your Interests In Parental Relocation Situations

In Texas, a relocation dispute can arise after divorce if the parent who has the right to establish the primary residence of children wants to move. Texas courts can’t keep parents from moving after divorce, but they can keep children from moving.

At The Haston Law Firm, P.C., we represent parents in North Houston and in nearby communities who want to move children out of the area as well as parents with possession orders who are opposed to the move. Let us handle your legal issues with your children.

When Will The Court Approve Parental Relocation?

If you are the parent who wants to move with a child, the court will want to know your reasons for wanting to move. Examples of justifiable reasons for parental relocation include:

  • Your ex-spouse has shown a pattern of abusing or harassing you. In this case, the court may decide that more separation is in the best interests of a child.
  • You lost your job and your only employment opportunities are in another city or state.
  • You have remarried and your new spouse has been transferred to another city or state.

The reasons for one parent wanting the move are balanced against the reasons the other parent wants the child to stay behind. For example, if you are an involved parent who is always there for your child and shows up for visits, the court will consider that fact as a reason your child should not move.

Each case is decided on a “case-by-case” basis by the court. Therefore, you should have an experienced trial attorney who knows and understands each court and who can help you evaluate your chances of being able to relocate your child’s residence.

How Can I Avoid Future Relocation Issues?

When handling divorce cases, attorney Craig Haston usually puts a geographic restriction in child possession orders, as most courts will order such a restriction without an exceptional situation. This restriction prevents a parent who has the right to establish the primary residence of a child from moving out of the Houston area or other geographic area without approval from the other parent or the court. In some cases though, there is a valid reason to not have such a restriction and in those cases, attorney Craig Haston will advise you and be your advocate to prevent the restriction.

A note about privacy of information: In a divorce, as more and more of our legal documentation is becoming available on the Internet, a vast amount of your personal information is subject to being viewed by anyone with an Internet connection. We are sensitive to this problem and make every effort to avoid having your personal information so readily available.

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