Experienced Help With Non-Traditional Divorce Alternatives

In most (traditional) divorce cases, the court issues a final decree of divorce to conclude divorce proceedings. In the decree, there is an immense amount of personal information, including the value of assets, how they were divided and otherwise sensitive information. This is all publicly available.

For obvious reasons, this can present sensitive issues for high-asset divorces. By partnering with a skilled attorney at The Haston Law Firm, P.C., you can draft an “agreement incident to divorce.” This document sets out all the terms of property division and is referenced in your divorce decree. However, none of the information is made public. Your agreement is not filed with the court — although the court reviews it. Although it is not in the public record, it is just as binding as your divorce decree.

If you wish to keep your divorce settlement or separation agreement private, let us guide you through this alternative divorce option.

Alternative Divorce Options In Texas

Having worked on complex and non-traditional divorces for more than two decades, at The Haston Law Firm, P.C., we are receptive and sensitive to your needs.

We also know that in certain cases, parties cannot feasibly get divorced due to certain factors, including:

  • Tax consequences
  • A divorce’s effect on Social Security or other compensation
  • Immigration issues

In these cases, parties can enter into a post-marital agreement. This is similar to a premarital agreement and is treated in much the same way; parties can divide all assets and make almost any financial agreement they desire, as long as it is signed by all applicable parties. Similarly, couples can enter into an agreement that simply resolves issues of the parent-child relationship. An order may be entered into court that would be the equivalent of a divorce decree and would outline:

  • Custody
  • Support
  • Child insurance
  • Parental rights and duties

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