Alternatives For Texans Seeking Amicable Divorces

If your relationship is ending on an amicable basis — or you want it to end amicably — there are alternatives to the traditional divorce process in Texas. Choosing an alternative way of moving on to the next chapter of your life can make the split much easier on you and your children as well as cost you less money. Let an experienced and skilled family law attorney guide you.

Helping You Make The Best Choices For Your Family And Your Future

At The Haston Law Firm, P.C., in Houston, we strive to make this life-changing transition as smooth as possible for you and your children. Divorces do not need to be knock-down, drag-out fights. In fact, choosing a more solutions-oriented approach can save you money, time and emotional health.

Following are just a few alternative options we have to offer:

  • Collaborative law divorce: The collaborative law process focuses on communication between the divorcing parties, allowing them to focus on solutions, rather than blame.
  • Mediation: Lawyer Craig Haston is a trained mediator and acts as a neutral party. This allows each couple to establish a binding agreement without having to take their divorce or child custody dispute through the formal court process. Mediation also helps keep your divorce details private.
  • Nontraditional divorce agreements: This approach allows the couple to draft an “agreement incident to divorce,” which is reviewed by the court but is kept private. This option is ideal for parties who are unable to divorce or who wish to keep their personal information and the value of their assets out of the public eye.
  • Temporary orders and injunctions: In Texas, legal separation does not exist. Following a permanent split between a couple, temporary orders and injunctions can provide financial protections and resolve issues involving their children until such time as they choose to obtain a divorce.

As you are researching your options, contact The Haston Law Firm, P.C., to learn which may be best for your unique situation. We will guide you but leave the final decision in your hands, where it should be. We serve clients throughout North Houston and the surrounding area, including The Woodlands.

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