Resolving Texas Divorces Through Mediation

One of the most common ways to amicably resolve a divorce is through mediation. Mediation is one of the most cost-effective and often most efficient ways of resolving divorce issues.

Using mediation to resolve your divorce can help you:

  • Prevent a lengthy and costly courtroom trial
  • Choose your own dates and locations for mediation
  • Streamline the divorce process as much as possible

Let Us Mediate Your North Houston Divorce

At The Haston Law Firm, P.C., our lawyer Craig Haston is a trained mediator as well as a board-certified ( by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization) member of the State Bar of Texas Family Law Council. Because he has worked on hundreds of these cases in his two-plus decades of practice, he and our team are prepared to address any divorce and family law issues you may have. Even in cases where issues have been litigious, parties can prepare and move to mediation to save huge amounts of time and costs.

How Does Mediation Work?

During this alternative divorce process, Mr. Haston will act as a neutral third party to help you and your spouse reach an agreement. This process will lead to a binding judgment without the need to go to court. This alternative and expedient way of undertaking divorce often reduces the animosity of negotiations.

It is important for you to know that:

  • During the mediation process, each side can consult with experts to clarify issues, including business valuation, real estate appraisals and child welfare.
  • Family law mediation is nonbinding and confidential; what happens within the mediation process generally cannot be used as evidence or brought to a judge’s attention, should the parties pursue litigation.
  • There is buy-in from both parties so settlements negotiated by the parties are more likely to avoid unwanted modification through subsequent litigation or appeal.

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