Do You Need A Temporary Order Due To Separation?

Texas is unique in that it does not have provisions for legal separations of married couples. When parties are no longer living together, they don’t have has much financial knowledge of their total situation when they decide divorce. This can lead to uncertainty, accusations, hasty decisions or statements that are false or merely based on conjecture.

As a result, couples who live separately need a specific set of rules and guidelines to follow as they proceed with their divorce process. Temporary orders provide a formal way to declare how a marital estate will be handled, how the parties will conduct themselves and how children’s issues will be addressed.

With issues of property division, temporary orders can define who will have exclusive use of assets, including vehicles, real estate, rental income, time shares and other assets. They can also provide you with temporary support during the process.

Temporary injunctions can also be filed that specifically define how money is to be used. This prevents one spouse from spending money except for needed expenses or business transactions. This provides a safeguard against inappropriate use of community funds. Failure to follow a temporary injunction can result in penalties at the time of real division or can even result in a party being held in contempt of court.

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It is worth noting that in these issues, particularly if custody is involved, a temporary orders proceeding will set the tone for the overall case. The same judge in the temporary orders hearing will preside over the court proceedings, so if you are able to win your temporary orders proceeding, you can essentially win your entire case. As such, it is crucial to take these issues seriously.

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